About Us

About Us

HelpLenDen.com is an online platform especially designed for the people who would like to help the society in various ways. The mission of this platform is to provide an opportunity to all mankind for their selfless service with simple acts of sharing whatever we might have extra with those in need of the same. 

During the coronavirus lockdown, it was observed that there are many people who need help and at the same time there are more people who would like to help in their respective capabilities but are not sure of how they can help. 

Our Mother Earth continuously keeps bestowing upon us, but in return, we Humans have forgotten to take care of her; it is high time that we start to consider Mother Earth as our collective mother for all of mankind and show our support in various ways such as planting trees and taking care of them. We invite all those who could contribute in any way, how so ever small, to help our Mother Earth. Many of us have lands available and are not using them in any way, we would like to connect those landowners with passionate people to accomplish their natural intentions.

Many times we have our cupboards filled with more clothes than we could ever wear and our homes with a lot more furniture than required, this platform gives us an opportunity to go less and reduce extra apparels along with home furnishings which could be used by needy and underprivileged people of our nation. Giving is the most beautiful act to ever commit, it brings enormous amounts of joy and eternal bliss. We may give whatever that we have extra to those in need.

Pollution is on the rise across the globe, we would like to put an end to this and save nature. The simplest way one can contribute to this cause is by using resources optimally. Carpooling is one such noble act that we can commit to and do our part to save nature.

This indigenous platform is the best platform for any individual or organization to provide or receive any kind of help required.